Linda Nossar Voice Over Actor
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Who Is Linda...

Linda Nossar has been a creative professional since the ripe old age of 10, when she appeared alongside Darrin McGavin in a stage production of “The King and I’. That experience nurtured her already active imagination, and her love of making characters and the written word come to life.


Linda’s path led her through a Bachelor of Creative Arts program in college, which she left to pursue a career performing in various dinner theatres throughout the south. Following ‘din-din’, Linda became involved with the Charlotte Shakespeare Company as a founding member, appearing in numerous productions, before opting to finish her education with a degree in broadcasting from the Carolina School of Broadcasting.


A 20 year career in radio soon followed. Linda covered just about all the bases beginning as Creative Services Director for a major broadcast group in Charlotte, North Carolina to Public Affairs Director, copywriter, morning team news anchor, a brief stint as a Media Consultant and of course, production and voice-over for several other stations.


Out of all her experiences, voice-over remained her passion, with special emphasis on character voices and dialects; her talents contributing to numerous Addy Award winning commercials throughout the years.  


Linda is ready to bring her special abilities to your script, whether straight read or character, serious or humorous, documentary or commercial.


Let the award winning talents of Linda Nossar bring your written word to life!

Contact: 336-682-8477 or 


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